Championship results:
7+ years rallying including 2013
4th in Gp2 National Championship, 2007
4th in Gp2 Regional Championship, 2007
7th in 2WD Regional Championship, 2007
9th in Max-Attack Championship, 2007

Rally results:
14 rallies entered, 4 Rally America National (9 days), 1 NASA Rallysport National (2 days), 13 regional (27 days)
3 Gp5 regional rally wins
8 2WD regional rally wins
7 Gp2 regional rally wins
3rd in Overall Regional, Doo Wops 2008 Day 1 and Olympus 2011 Day 1
2nd in Max-Attack, Olympus Rally 2011
11th in Overall National, Olympus Rally 2011
10 DNF’s (5 mechanical, 4 damage-related, 1 roll)

Stage results:
35 RA national stages completed, 10 NASA national, 68 regional Gp2, 32 regional Gp5
5 overall regional stage wins
9th overall RA national stage place, stage 14 Oregon Trail 2007 and stage 3 Olympus 2011
2nd overall NASA national stage place, stage 7 Nameless Rally 2013
17 (53%) Gp5 regional stage wins
42 (42%) 2WD regional stage wins
4 (11%) 2WD RA national stage wins
1 (10%) 2WD NASA national stage win
40 (59%) Gp2 RA regional stage wins
12 (43%) Gp2 RA national stage wins

Detailed results:

rally Overall 2WD Gp5 Gp2
2013 Nameless Rally: John Nagel Stages DNF/38 DNF/19 DNF/6  
2013 Nameless Rally: Ray Damitio Rally 4th/43 2nd/21 2nd/6  
2013 Nameless Rally (2 Day NASA National) DNF/43 DNF/21    
2012 Olympus Rally: John Nagel Stages 24th/43 10th/19 3rd/4  
2012 Olympus Rally: Ray Damitio Rally DNF/47 DNF/21 DNF/5  
2012 Olympus Rally (2 Day RA National) DNF/26 DNF/9    
2011 Olympus Rally: Ray Damitio Stages 3rd/35 1st/15 1st/3  
2011 Olympus Rally: John Nagel Rally 5th/43 1st/17 1st/4  
2011 Olympus Rally (2 Day RA National) 11th/22 2nd/16    
2010 Mt. Hood Rally DNF/28 DNF/17 DNF/3  
2010 Oregon Trail: Trails End 9th/30 1st/19 1st/4  
2010 Oregon Trail: Shunpiker Stages DNF/36 DNF/19 DNF/6  
2010 Oregon Trail: Wagons Ho! DNF/36 DNF/24 DNF/4  
2009 Wild West Sunday 4th/22 1st/11   1st/6
2009 Wild West Saturday 6th/24 1st/11   1st/6
2008 Olympus: Gene Nielsen Rally DNF/21 DNF/12   DNF/6
2008 Doo Wop Rally 2 DNF/30 DNF/15   DNF/12
2008 Doo Wop Rally 1 3rd/31 1st/17   1st/13
2007 Lake Superior Performance Rally (2 Day RA National) 16th/37 4th/15   1st/5
2007 Olympus: Gene Nielsen Stages DNF/36 DNF/18   DNF/11
2007 Olympus: John Nagel Rally DNF/36 DNF/19   DNF/11
2007 Oregon Trail: Trails End 18th/30 7th/12   5th/7
2007 Oregon Trail: Oregon or Bust 22nd/36 11th/15   6th/8
2007 Oregon Trail: Wagons Ho! 33rd/37 14th/16   7th/9
2007 Oregon Trail Rally (3 Day RA National) 22nd/45 10th/15   5th/8
2007 Doo Wop Rally 2 12th/39 2nd/18   2nd/10
2007 Doo Wop Rally 1 5th/46 1st/23   1st/13
2006 Oregon Trail: Trails End 24th/31 7th/11   2nd/5
2006 Oregon Trail: Oregon or Bust DNF/30 DNF/11   DNF/5
2006 Oregon Trail: Wagons Ho! 10th/32 1st/12   1st/5
2006 Doo Wop Rally 2 15th/36 4th/19   1st/6
2006 Doo Wop Rally 1 29th/40 14th/21   5th/8

Last updated after Nameless Rally 2013.