Fine Tuning

14101 Aurora Ave N Building B

Seattle, WA 98133


Fine Tuning is THE German automotive tuning solution for the greater Seattle Area and beyond. They offer only the finest in not only OEM, but aftermarket tuning parts for your early and late model Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes Benz.

CTS Turbo

CTS Turbo is dedicated to providing the highest quality turbocharging components at competitive prices. CTS turbo employs specialists that know everything about forced induction, their employee’s expertise combined with CTS’s huge variety of both stock replacement and quality aftermarket turbo charging equipment makes CTS your one stop shop for installing, repairing or improving your forced induction power train.

Meister Gauge Faces

1436 North 28th Street

Renton, WA 98027


Meister Gauge Faces started back in ’97 by owner Dave Meister. They pride themselves in quality and service to ensure that the gauges you choose are exactly what you want. Their gauge faces are guaranteed not to fade. The process in which we use maximizes your gauge face potential for whatever your mind can imagine. From simple white faces to complex patterns, designs, and even photographs… They can do it!

Product Apparel

Product Apparel only use the highest quality shirts and do all the printing and embroidery by hand, the right way. All of their designs are created by people, not machines. They’re not here to tell you how cool they are, or who they know. They’re just here to make some quality shirts, hoodies, and accessories for you to wear. They love music, art, and pop culture, and hope it shows.

Spitfire EFI

SpitfireEFI has been tuning and installing engine management systems on cars local to Northwest Washington since 2004. Their experience with standalone fuel management stems from a variety of successful projects, and they are always looking for the next challenge! Whether you’re looking to tune up your daily driver, or your heart pumps 104 octane race fuel, SpitfireEFI can provide you with the engine management solution to fit your needs.

Ralley Tuned

Brendan Porter at Ralley Tuned is a one man machine. Brendan has vast knowledge about the megasquirt programmable fuel injection and ignition system as well as nearly every other stand alone engine management system on the market. Ralley Tuned offers services ranging from custom wiring harnesses to custom fabrication and components to tuning and design. Ralley Tuned offers quality work at reasonable prices. Look nowhere else for your engine management tuning and installation.

JRM Fabrication and Tuning

JRM Fabrication offers the best in custom high performance Design and Tuning. JRM has the ability to design and manufacture small runs of one off parts as well as tune engine managements to your specifications. From intake to exhaust and much more, JRM can do it all.

JVAB Imports

2007 S. 126th St.

Seattle, Wa 98168


John Vandlandingham of JVAB Imports is a talented machinist and design specialist. JVAB specializes in custom suspension components and adjustable coilovers for both street and competition. JVAB also specializes in engine machine work and assembly along with custom engine components. JVAB imports has the ability to import build or design nearly any custom component for your vehicle at competitive prices.

034 Motorsport

42968 Osgood Rd. Unit I

Fremont, CA 94539


034Motorsport is founded in a passion for the product, passion that drives development to high levels of refinement, and pushes innovation to levels that force others to imitation. The goal at 034Motorsport is apply our passion, experience, skill, capital, resources and proprietary network of suppliers to create innovative, essential products for building the highest level of automotive performance. We are not simply a “distributor or reseller” of manufactured products (there are plenty of other companies doing that already). Our intent will always be to develop, manufacture and offer products that make us excited to unlock the doors everyday and put in 12 hour days that are essential to running a leading-edge business.

Techtonics Tuning

21801 SW Rock Creek Rd.

Sheridan, OR 97378


Techtonics Tuning is the premier name in VW tuning. Since 1981, they have been the leading provider of performance oriented VW parts. Techtonic’s goal is to make VW’s go fast and their parts are designed to do just that!

Nothing Leaves Stock

230 E. Landis St.

Coopersburg, PA 18036


Nothing Leaves Stock (NLS) is a Pennsylvania based shop specializing in custom fabrication, and installation. NLS feels the number one way to stay successful is to engage the customer in the builds They are doing. From brainstorming, to actual fabrication, NLS wants to build your dream car the way you see it, while adding a little “spice” of their own to the equation. Customer service is the key to longevity in this competitive market so the nls team focuses on providing the best of the best. Whether you are over due for your pa state inspection or want to build the show vw of you dreams, NLS will be there to assist in the procurement of all the goodies and their installation.

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