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Almost there…

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

We are hurriedly scrambling to get the car back together and running for our testing and break-in session this upcoming weekend at the No Alibi TSD. There is a good chance we will achieve that goal at the last minute.

In the past few days we have made significant progress to getting things back together. The engine is ready for it’s fluids, the brakes have fluid in them, the custom rule-required protection on the fuel cell is installed, the suspension is ready to be adjusted, the hubs and bearings on all the corners have been refurbished and installed, the co-drivers seat and foot rest are installed, the transmission is in and hooked up to the axles, etc. etc. etc.

The to-do list is still long, so we’re putting in extra hours over the next couple of days to get everything sorted. Wiring should be finished on Wednesday and the car should start (fingers crossed) that day. There are a lot of incidental finishing tasks that must be done before we can head out on the long No Alibi trip. But we are doing our best to get some long distance testing in before we start tuning and tweaking.

Stay tuned to see if we make it!