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Waterwerks NW Brings Rally to Consumers

Friday, August 27th, 2010

Thousands of local European car enthusiasts had the opportunity to meet a few members of the Demon Rally Team a few weeks back at the regions largest and most popular European car show.

The event was held at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma, Washington on July 17 and 18th, 2010. The event is a motorsports event and car show, on the 17th Brendan of RalleyTuned with a lot of assistance runs a cone squishing autocross competition in the large open parking lot of Cheney stadium. This year, the autocross was a big part of making the event much more than just a car show. Seeing actual motorsports being incorporated into car shows gives the true motorheads hope for the future of motorsports competition.

We arrived on Sunday, and in typical Demon Rally fashion the car was not in mint shape, however, also in typical Demon Rally fashion the car was able to make the 60 mile trek from the Demon Rally compound in Seattle, Washington to Tacoma without charging the battery. Unfortunately when we got to the event the battery didn’t have enough juice to fire the motor and we were off to find a battery charger in order to make it back home.

We set up a display tent and played highlight videos in the background on our computer and handed out some new fancy business cards to the show goers, a lot of folks started collecting the different images on the business cards and we had started a new fan base without even realizing it! By the end of the event I was dead tired, there were alot of people asking about RP Turbos, about Fine Tuning, JRM, Spitfire EFI, as well as how we put all wheel drive into the Golf. I let them in on the secret that we beat STI’s and EVO’s without All Wheel Drive, because we drive harder and faster than the majority of the field.

After selling alot of T-shirts, and touting the car and everyone that works for the team, Tom had a chance to run out through the car show and reminisce about his old VW Rabbits, as well as look at a very inspiring all wheel drive drag Corrado that had a good amount of fabrication lined up in the car. Tom said it was good to see other enthusiasts putting forth effort into the Competition side of cars.

It was a long day at the car show, and Tom was beat after chatting up rally and the team, but overall it was a darn good time to meet a lot of local enthusiasts. The team made fresh new contacts in the industry as well as bring rally to new fans.

We have to say a huge thank you to Dave Meister of Meister Autowerks for putting on the event at Cheney Stadium. Car shows are a massive undertaking and he has really turned this event into one of the best in the country, so we appreciate his and his staff’s monumental undertaking at this event. We also want to thank Fine Tuning for their continued and unwavering support of the team, JRM, RalleyTuned, Product Apparel for printing some new shirts for the new car, RP Turbos for turning on slow anemic normally aspirated race car into a fire breathing monster, spitfire EFI for being the best solution for EFI in the pacific northwest. The Demon Rally Team has the best group of folks supporting them, help us by visiting our sponsor’s websites and using them to achieve your motoring goals!

CTS Turbo Boosts The Demon Rally Team To Group 5

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

DiRT Media

Feb 16th, 2010


CTS Turbo Boosts The Demon Rally Team To Group 5

The Demon Rally Team is proud to announce their partnership with CTS Turbo as the team moves to the unlimited two wheel drive rally class in North America.

The Demon Rally Team has been very successful in Group 2 competition, taking several regional group 2 wins and top stage times; they are most proud of their stage record on the famous Brooklyn Tavern Stage at the Doo Wop Rally, as well as a National Group 2 win at the final round of the inaugural Max Attack Two Wheel Drive Rally Series in 2008. Making the step up to Group 5 brings about several exciting new challenges for the team as well as the opportunity to compete with even faster opponents in 2010.

After completing their new Group 2 VW Golf GTI, the Demon Rally Team won at the Wild West Rally in group two competition, finishing 4th overall on day two despite encountering several mechanical difficulties. Upon arriving home after the event, the team was amped about their success, but still wanted the ability to compete at the National Level. Both Rally America’s National Championship and NASA’s United States Rally Championship now recognize two wheel drive vehicles as one class; competing in a regionally limited class like group 2 was holding the Demon Rally Team back. When considering their options, the Demon Rally Team contacted their friends at CTS Turbo. CTS Turbo chose to join the Demon Rally Team as they moved up into the Group 5 Class.

The addition of CTS Turbo as a partner allows the team to compete in Group 5 competition by using their newest line of turbochargers from RP Turbo. RP Turbo was founded on the principle of providing OEM performance and quality without the inflated OEM price tag. Adhering to this simple principle has helped them to design and re-design components for turbocharging that are often more simplified, but function better, and are more reliable.

RP Turbos are some of the best turbocharging components in the industry and are made to their own exacting specifications. Demon Rally Team driver Tom Burress exclaimed, “I am amped about adding CTS Turbo to the team. We are nearly doubling the amount of horsepower the car produced with our new RP Turbo; as a driver, if that doesn’t pump you up I don’t know what would!”

The team is yet again rebuilding their VW Golf from top to bottom to accommodate their new RP Turbocharger supplied by CTS Turbo. Look for the Demon Rally Team to debut the Group 5 Evolution of their VW Golf at the Oregon Trail Rally in Portland, OR May 14-16, 2010.

Special thanks to all of the Demon Rally Team’s partners, including Fine Tuning, who continues to support the team for the 5th Year in a row as their title partner. The team’s impressive racing graphics are supplied and installed by Meister Gauge Faces, their programmable engine management is supplied by Spitfire EFI, and performance tuning is done by Ralley Tuned. Product Apparel takes care of the Demon Rally Team’s clothing needs.

CTS Turbo

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Merchandise page is now active!

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

After several changes to the back end system we now have a shopping-cart-enabled merchandise page. We have t-shirts and decals available for sale right now. Both items are really high quality and look great. Help support our efforts at the Wild West rally and future rallies by buying a t-shirt or a decal!

We’ll also be bringing some shirts and decals to Wild West, if you’d like to save on shipping costs.

Look for more items on the merchandise page, like spare rally parts, in the future.