Doo Wop recap

What a weekend, after a good long break after LSPR, we finally got the car prepped for Doo Wops, and what a Doo Wops it was. On the first day we taco’ed the rear beam on the first stage causing a rear tracking issue. We were able to get the beam semi- straight for the next stage, but the beam needed to be replaced. After the first day we were able to track down a new beam and get it installed at a local rallyist’s shop.

On Day two we were at maximum attack after a 3rd place finish overall on the first day. We took stage wins on the first two stages. Unfortunately, on our way out of service just before the stage start, the fuel pump died. we got flat towed back to service, but unfortunately we were unable to get the car back out to the stage start before the rest of the field had finished the stage. After speaking with the Rally organizers we were allowed to run the rest of the rally, minus the one stage that we had missed.

Despite knowing that our day was done, we were dead set on setting great times for the rest of the day, and great times they were. We broke a seven year old record set by Todd Hartmann by six seconds on the first run of the famous Brooklyn Tavern Stage. On the second run of the stage we beat our own record by three seconds. We are second on the record list in a two wheel drive car, behind only Carl Jardevall in his rear drive turbo charged Volvo.

Had we completed the stage we had missed, chances are we would’ve won the rally overall, however, we take concession in our first day results, as well as our obscene stage times on day two. We are looking forward to our second running of the Olympus Rally on all new roads in April.

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