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Doo Wop 2009 Report

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Since the car isn’t finished, we did what we could to support our favorite rally and our sport in general. 

Tom volunteered to work some corners and brought a couple friends along with him who were new to spectating.  He got a couple pictures as well.

I co-drove for Californian driver Andrew Lockhart in car 394, a MkII GTI just like the one we’re building right now. I got to play with some nice toys (Peltor headsets and a Coralba rally computer, for example) and got a couple points for the co-driver championship. Andrew’s goals were to finish, have fun and learn some new things, and all of those goals were achieved.

Day 1 started off with a missed shift at the start line, getting the bugs out of the system early. Stage 1 and 2 are tarmac stages that I know well, so I told Andrew to go as flat out as he felt comfortable. He did well, finishing 2nd in Gp2 and then shaving 14 seconds off the second run. We headed up to Pico for some gravel fun. A couple 90 degree spins slowed us a bit, but we still managed 4th in Gp2. however, a quick look at the voltmeter showed that the battery was no longer charging. We headed back to service to diagnose and hopefully repair the problem.

After wrangling with the alternator and charging the battery for some time, we decided to risk another stage since there was no spare alternator. We headed back up to Pico left. We made it through the stage, but the car gave up about 500 yards from service at the bottom of a hill. We got a tow from the Tabor ladies back to service and proceeded to borrow a spare alternator from the other VW team of Meyers/McKenna and replace it. I offered a bit of help by turning a wrench or two and getting the lower alternator bolt out, earning me the nickname “Alternator Bolt” for the remainder of the rally. Thanks Dan!

The last two stages went flawlessly and we finished the day 2nd in Gp2 after Tennis/Trowbridge got stuck and gave up 1st to Crane/Nielsen. 13 Corners was a fun stage with some excellent banked and twisty turns. I look forward to going up that road again if they include it in the Olympus stages. After heading back to the HQ hotel and enjoying the lovely pizza party, we turned in for the night. We woke up to a dusting of snow and some cold winds.

The theme of day 2 was cold. While sitting the car warming it up before leaving parc expose, the heater fan started smoking a bit and stopped turning. Bad news. We made it out on time, but had a steamy window for a few miles. Luckily, the airflow from the rolled down windows was enough to pull the heated air from the heat system and defrost the window. On stage, you’re allowed 1 inch of window gap. We took advantage of this and braved the cold wind in order to have a clear windshield on the snow Smith Creek stage. We lost quite a bit of time due to the windshield and the snow, but made it through the stage and got ready for a shortened Brooklyn stage.

Even in the snow, and only running half of the stage, Brooklyn is still a great stage for rally. It was unfortunate that the road was not yet in rally condition after the major washout in recent winter storms. We set 4th fastest times on both runs, setting a consistent pace for finishing day 2. Others were not so lucky. At this point in the rally, 3 cars were out, two with major accidents and one with engine failure. By the end of the rally, two cars rolled and one car hit a tree and damaged the rear suspension beyond repair. One of the rolled cars would be tugged over and continue, however. Andrew had set a goal to finish and we were determined to reach that goal.

We took the last three stages well and finished 3rd once and 2nd twice in Gp2. During the last service, I found some loose bolts in an A-arm. After hearing a rattle the entire day, and searching all over the rear of the car, I was lucky to find it before anything catastrophic occurred. This lead to finding a loose wheel bearing and two stripped wheel studs as well. The rabbit guys again came to our rescue with two replacement wheel studs and we were back on the road.

After the last stage, the times were tallied up and we had finished as the 4th 2WD car and 4th on day 2. The competition between the Gp2 cars was amazing, with the top cars finishing within about 20 seconds each day. The awards dinner at the Oakville Grange was amazing as always, just like the whole rally is.

Thanks go out to the organizers and the volunteer workers for a great rally. I personally would like to thank Andrew and Dan for letting me be a part of their team for a weekend. The DemonRally team also extends thanks to our guests for the weekend for being so hospitable. Hopefully we’ll be seeing everyone from our new car at Olympus!

Results for 2008

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Even though we just competed in three days of rally this year (and DNF’ed on two of them, including the roll at Olympus), here are our “results.”

Pacific NorthWest Rally championship (2 out of 7 rallies, cross-sanction championship):
Overall: 32nd out of 77
Gp2: 22nd out of 28

Rally America Northwest regional championship (1 rally (well, 1 stage, really) out of 4):
Overall: tied for 35th out of 35
2WD: 19th out of 19
Gp2: 12th out of 12

Pacific NorthWest Rally championship (3 out of 7 rallies, cross-sanction championship):
Overall: 14th out of 85
Gp2: 24th out of 33
Open: 15th out of 27

Rally America Northwest regional championship (2 out of 4 rallies):
Overall: 10th out of 39
2WD: 21st out of 21
Gp2: 14th out of 14
Open: 8th out of 12

In other news, we’ve reorganized the results page a bit to make a bit more sense.  Work on the car progresses, look for some updated technical shots soon.

Doo Wop recap

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

What a weekend, after a good long break after LSPR, we finally got the car prepped for Doo Wops, and what a Doo Wops it was. On the first day we taco’ed the rear beam on the first stage causing a rear tracking issue. We were able to get the beam semi- straight for the next stage, but the beam needed to be replaced. After the first day we were able to track down a new beam and get it installed at a local rallyist’s shop.

On Day two we were at maximum attack after a 3rd place finish overall on the first day. We took stage wins on the first two stages. Unfortunately, on our way out of service just before the stage start, the fuel pump died. we got flat towed back to service, but unfortunately we were unable to get the car back out to the stage start before the rest of the field had finished the stage. After speaking with the Rally organizers we were allowed to run the rest of the rally, minus the one stage that we had missed.

Despite knowing that our day was done, we were dead set on setting great times for the rest of the day, and great times they were. We broke a seven year old record set by Todd Hartmann by six seconds on the first run of the famous Brooklyn Tavern Stage. On the second run of the stage we beat our own record by three seconds. We are second on the record list in a two wheel drive car, behind only Carl Jardevall in his rear drive turbo charged Volvo.

Had we completed the stage we had missed, chances are we would’ve won the rally overall, however, we take concession in our first day results, as well as our obscene stage times on day two. We are looking forward to our second running of the Olympus Rally on all new roads in April.