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if you need parts for your rally rabbit, your rallycross rabbit, or your well-driven street rabbit, we may have the parts for you. check out our list of parts for sale below. of particular interest may be the collectible numbered doors! get them while you can! if you see a part you like, contact us to arrange payment and shipping/delivery.

updated 7-24-2008

2 Sparco 70″ H-style five-point camlock racing harnesses SFI Build date 5/2004 $250/pr ($600pr new)
1 Sparco 70″ H-style shoulder harness (ONLY) for cam-lock 3′ belt sets SFI Build date 10/2003 $40
1 Terratrip Terraphone Professional Intercom $75 ($100 NEW)
4 Kumho R700 Rally tires 205/60/15 not a ton of tread depth left, but very little corner wear $75/all

Damaged Demon Rally numbered Doors $40ea donation

Reinforced VW Rabbit A-Arms, new ball joints, poly bushings $75ea/$100pr
Rear rabbit Euro bumper $30 (Rally legal tow points attached, driver’s side scuffed from roll)
Rabbit Bilstein Front Rally Struts/Springs $300 (1.1 rallies)
Rabbit Biltema Front Rally Struts/Springs/Bearings $225 (new)
Rabbit KYB Rear struts/spring assembly $50 (used, not rallied on)
Rabbit New Short Driver’s Side (fresh CV’s) 100mm axle $100
Rabbit Power Steering Rack, new complete tie rods $225
Rabbit 10.1″ rotors $20/pr used
Rabbit Fuel Pumps $50 ea
Rabbit Fuel Accumulators $20 ea
Rabbit Fuel Tank $20
Rabbit nasty 2.25″ exhaust with a bunch of metal welded to it, dents $20
Rabbit Front poly engine mounts $20ea
Rabbit rear beam $20 ea
Rabbit Carbon fiber look PVC Sintra Door panels $50
Rabbit driver’s side flag mirror $20
Rabbit H4 Round Headlamps $50
Scirocco shifter box w/rocco leaning handle $20 (works in a Rabbit, puts the shifter closer to you)
Scirocco 16V exhaust manifolds $60 ea
Scirocco 16V stock downpipe and newer catalytic converter $45
Demon Rally Blue Modded (trimmed unprofessionally for a-arm damage) Early round headlamp fenders $30 ea
80 rabbit hood w/hood pin hold-downs $20
80 Rabbit non-defroster hatch $20
83 GTI non-sunroof ROOF SKIN $20
77 Rabbit (lightweight) doors L & R $40 ea

Schrick 276 Cams, exhaust cam has very light keyway damage from a timing belt slip, was never an issue, just need to torque it down properly gears are pressed on already $450 (~$750+ new)
New in Box 60 Amp Golf II 8v alternator $70
9A 020 8V GTi Transmission Used $180
4 14″ Snowflake Rally Wheels $50/set

4 Fluent warrior tires 195/60/14 Nearly new, almost 0 wear $100/set
MKII 9.4″ hub set nearly new with race pads, lightly used rotors, Kelsey-Hayes Calipers and newer good ball joints, comes with 2 sets of Porterfield R-4S (race) pads used, $600 in parts, $150 takes it (the pads run $100/set alone)
16″ ADR 6-spoke rims, all with light to moderate curb/scrapes, all fixable, worn tires (still hold air) rabbit/golf specific hub-centric spacers, will need 5mm spacers on the rear for proper fitment $250

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