build progress update!

We made some significant progress over the weekend in our work to prepare the new car for battle. The pictures of our progress can be found in the Demonrally Golf gallery.

We are working on removing the heavy factory underbody coating as well as stitch welding all the seams of the car to make it more rigid. We also built seat mounts and sealed a few holes as well as painting the interior and wheel arches with a healthy coat of rust resistant paint.  See if you can see some of the old Rabbit roof material in the fabrication pictures!

Next weekend we plan on running all the wiring for the car as well as continuing our quest to shed more pounds from the bulky new car (in comparison to our Rabbit).

We are making good progress on our goals and hope to have the car fully prepped to our stringent standards and taken on a few test runs before Doo Wops in early March. It’s an ambitious goal and we could always use more volunteers. Just use the contact form to let us know if you are interested!  Buying some old rabbit parts would be another way to help out as well!

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