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Build updates

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Posted about 30 pictures to the Golf build gallery.

Next weekend is the Olympus Rally and it’s pretty clear we’ll be missing our second chance to go run the Doo Wops roads and fight off challengers for our record for the Brooklyn stage. Nevertheless, it’s important to get our car set up right for our Max Attack challenge in Idaho. We hope to be able to shakedown the car at Oregon Trail before heading out there, but with 70 or so hours more of wiring work to be done and only one day a week to work on it, even that goal now looks unlikely.

Despite the gloomy outlook, work does progress. Last Sunday we installed the washer bottle in a custom location, welded up more holes in the passenger compartment, installed the map light and strengthened the handbrake mount. We’re looking forward to making more progress this weekend. Here are pictures of last Sunday’s work:

For more technical pictures of the Golf, check out the build gallery.

Slow and steady…

Monday, March 2nd, 2009

Car prep updates:

Engine installation work continues. Definitely going with a crank sensor for a distributorless ignition system. Installed the oil cooler and oil catch can with braided stainless lines and AN fittings. Rear brakes are installed and ready. Placement is finalized for co-driver footswitches (ODO reset and Horn). At this pace, Olympus is now looking like a maybe. We’ll be taking this weekend off for the Doo Wop Rally.

Tom, Suzy and a guest will be working as road marshals on corners on the Pico stage on Saturday and a morning stage on Sunday.

Don will be keeping in practice by co-driving for Californian Andrew Lockhart in another VW Golf. They’ll be testing out the DemonRally tracking system if possible, while aiming for a finish, some fun, and a Gp2 win, in that order.

Keep checking here for updates over the weekend!

Car Prep Updates

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

The preparation of the new golf is progressing. This last weekend, we started installing the rear brakes, working on wiring, and installing the engine.

We hit a bit of a snag when the engine was dropped into the bay. The dual-reservoir brake system was installed and mounted for the 8 valve engine that was installed previously. The 16 valve engine we are installing would not fit in the bay with the distributor cap on. The choice was to re-engineer the entire brake set up or go to a distributorless system. The latter choice won out in the end.

Pictures might be on the way, but the camera was having difficulties, so they might not turn out. We’ve added some mock ups of our wiring harness diagrams to the prep gallery if you’d like to check those out.

There is a slim chance that Don will be guest co-driving in the Doo Wop Rally, however the whole Demon Rally family and some guests will definitely be attending to work a couple stages and do our part to help keep our rally community strong. Be sure to say hello if you see us out there!