Build updates

Posted about 30 pictures to the Golf build gallery.

Next weekend is the Olympus Rally and it’s pretty clear we’ll be missing our second chance to go run the Doo Wops roads and fight off challengers for our record for the Brooklyn stage. Nevertheless, it’s important to get our car set up right for our Max Attack challenge in Idaho. We hope to be able to shakedown the car at Oregon Trail before heading out there, but with 70 or so hours more of wiring work to be done and only one day a week to work on it, even that goal now looks unlikely.

Despite the gloomy outlook, work does progress. Last Sunday we installed the washer bottle in a custom location, welded up more holes in the passenger compartment, installed the map light and strengthened the handbrake mount. We’re looking forward to making more progress this weekend. Here are pictures of last Sunday’s work:

For more technical pictures of the Golf, check out the build gallery.

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