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Keep track of the DemonRally Team at Olympus

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

For those of you that can’t make it out to the Olympus Rally, there are several ways to keep track of our progress:

our blog:
our live GPS tracking!:

official results:

The car is loaded, our truck is packed and our trek out to the coast starts in about six hours for a long day of recce. We’re so looking forward to this weekend! If you see us out there, say hi and keep your fingers crossed for a good result!

Build updates

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Posted about 30 pictures to the Golf build gallery.

Next weekend is the Olympus Rally and it’s pretty clear we’ll be missing our second chance to go run the Doo Wops roads and fight off challengers for our record for the Brooklyn stage. Nevertheless, it’s important to get our car set up right for our Max Attack challenge in Idaho. We hope to be able to shakedown the car at Oregon Trail before heading out there, but with 70 or so hours more of wiring work to be done and only one day a week to work on it, even that goal now looks unlikely.

Despite the gloomy outlook, work does progress. Last Sunday we installed the washer bottle in a custom location, welded up more holes in the passenger compartment, installed the map light and strengthened the handbrake mount. We’re looking forward to making more progress this weekend. Here are pictures of last Sunday’s work:

For more technical pictures of the Golf, check out the build gallery.

brief Olympus Rally debriefing

Thursday, April 24th, 2008

stage 1: 13th overall national, 1st overall regional. fantastic. a couple late note calls, but nothing too scary.

stage 2: lost it on a right into a left, tried to correct, but it spun too far. met a dirt bank on the front driver side corner, which increased the velocity of the spin. sent the passenger side corner deep into the dirt, flipping the car on it’s top. spun another 180 on the top and came to a rest. destroyed pretty good. to make matters worse, the video recorder got pulled off the mount and did not record the roll.

we’ve already had several generous offers for assistance. rest assured, our rally career is not over until the money runs out. keep checking here for some ways you might be able to help.

look for us out on stage again soon!