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2009 Max-Attack Video Update

Saturday, April 18th, 2009

THE American two-wheel drive Rally Series updates and refines its already impressive format. The Demon Rally Team will be competing at Rally Idaho, the Max-Attack series Western event, with hopes to qualify to compete against the nation’s best Two-wheel drive racers in Michigan on August 28-29.

leaving tomorrow for Doo Wops

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

We leave tomorrow for the short drive to the headquarters for the Doo Wop Rally Series. Though Saturday has been shortened to just one stage, we are thoroughly looking forward to getting the car back out there. As I type, the car is going through some final testing and tuning and I’m putting off making the final itineraries for service, car, and press people.

Our goal is to have fun out there. Apart from that, we aim to survive Saturday and go all out on Sunday. We’re currently starting at the head of the Gp2 pack and are looking forward to some stiff competition for overall 2WD win. John Lane/Ray Damitio in the fire-breathing Volvo are the current favorites for that title, but we’ll do our best with what we’re given. We also have to hold off threats from Dash/Taylor, Barnes/Crawford, Decker/Craig, C. Crane/TBA, A. Crane/Nielsen, and Brown/West, any of which could contend for the top 2WD title this weekend as well. It will be a tough battle, to say the least. There will definitely be some stories to tell from this one! Keep checking back for updates throughout the weekend if we have internet access.

See you on the stages!