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Two quick updates.

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

The contact form has been fixed and will now send emails.

We will not be attending the Doo Wop Rally as a competitor.

Busy week for the DemonRally Team

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

Next week, we’ll be in Michigan’s scenic Upper Peninsula for the Lake Superior Pro Rally and the third round of Max-Attack!. We’re excited for the opportunity to test our car against some of the finest competitors the midwest has to offer. As I type this we’re currently starting 24th and the highest ranked VW, the highest ranked Group2 car (ahead of the 2007 national champ!), and the 7th highest 2WD car (Group 5 is very popular in the midwest, apparently). If we can hold this position, we should be in the rankings for Max-Attack and the national rally. This will be fun.

While Tom, Gus, Charlie and Phil worked on the car and packing all week, I’ve been working non-stop on designing the new website. As you can see, it is done. There are likely some bugs or design flaws I’ve missed, so please contact us and let us know if you find any.

Of particular interest might be the re-designed video gallery and the re-designed photo gallery. While the photo gallery is a little slow, it looks very nice. There are plenty of videos (25 in all!) to watch, including most of the 2007 Doo Wops Rally. We hope to bring back some great footage from LSPR, as well.

Tom, Phil and Charlie will be leaving for Michigan on Monday morning and will arrive Thursday. Gus and I will be flying in the same day. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it to the practice stages. If you see us there, be sure to ask for a ride!